Now You Can Fly

The World.

We live in a world where everything is possible. We live in a world where opportunities are everywhere.

We live in a world where innovation, evolution, new ideas, good beliefs and good things are growing wings.

The World.

Because we live in a world without borders, we generate commercial traffic between all the nations of the world.

We identify, link and formalize transnational businesses for every company, entrepreneur and businesspeople determined to grow, expand and fly to global markets.

No matter if they have never exported.

Now You Can Fly.

Global Digital Business Ecosystems

We develop and implement Global Digital Business Ecosystems, which generate commercial traffic among at least 3,328 million potential consumers around the world.

Opportunities are everywhere.

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Synesthesia 5 Global

Synesthesia 5 Global

Global Markets

Global Markets

Matchmaking Business

Matchmaking Business

"Hands off".
Entry Markets

Entry Markets

Branding & Market Niches

Branding & Market Niches

New Media

New Media

Full Service.

J J. Omar Sánchez Carrasco

Owner, Director

R Ricardo E. Sánchez Carrasco.

Creative Director

M Magaly Lozano Serna

Directora Administrativa

I Ivette Vanessa Leyva López

Directora de Comunicación

Believe. Create. Never Stop.

It is a Joint Ventures Centre where companies, entrepreneurs and businesspeople determined to redefine the future converge.

They join, interact, contribute to each other, transform and take advantage of their work, intelligence and creativity in order to create service delivery chains, inputs suppliers and global joint ventures around any source of energy.

Click & Export.

It is a One Stop Shop where companies, entrepreneurs and business people with exportable offers achieve to be connected with buyers, importers, commercial agents and logistic companies located in all the nations of the world.

They establish business relationships, make Matchmaking Business and execute the sending of their products and services to any nation in the world. All in a safe and protected manner, without having to move from their geographical location.

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Naud Sánchez Carrasco.

Co Branding, Partnerships & Sponsorships.

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Now You Can Fly.

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